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Status: Active
Tern: Free
Zone: 1
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The EFnet IRC Network RBL is comprised of a collection of data from several sources with the purpose of providing a "one stop shop" for IRC admins to block a multitude of undesirable clients.

The collected sources are as follows:

  • Scanned open proxies by the EFnet Open Proxy Monitors
  • Spamtrap hosts with scores of 666 (known self spreading virii and trojans)
  • Spamtrap hosts with scores of 50 or more (virii and trojans known to self-spread)
  • Scanned TOR exit node proxies
  • Other unsavory types, manually added by trusted admins (don't use this if you don't trust us), or automatically added by drone detection patterns

Open proxies and spam trap hosts are listed in the RBL for 7 days.
Because of the generally more static nature, TOR nodes are listed for 10 days.