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WPBL is a private block list consisting of IP addresses which connect to members' systems and deliver unsolicited bulk mail (spam)." The list is designed to be most effective when used by WPBL members, but may not be suitable for other uses. WPBL should not be used to block SMTP connections outright. It is most effective in a scoring system like SpamAssassin.
hat being said, WPBL has a history of reliable operation (running since 2004) and currently exhibits rather good detection rates with low false positives. Several thousand companies and ISPs use WPBL. It is one of the largest blacklists on the internet, and you can find current statistics from sdsc, Intra2net, and UCEPROTECT.

  • Only individual IP addresses that connect to us are listed, not whole networks.
  • The public can not report spam. There are no manual additions. Our network passively detects all spam.
  • All entries are temporary and expire with time.
  • Any IP address can be removed by anyone through our lookup facility
  • We are NOT calling hosts in our database spammers. We are NOT saying you run a spamming business. In most cases, sites become listed here after they become infected with a virus or are compromised by an intruder (open proxy). Most spam is sent without the knowledge or consent of site admins. Securing your hosts and fixing misconfigurations will eliminate the spam.