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Status: Active
Tern: Free
Zone: 1
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Our blacklist contains IP addresses from which we received mails, that were classified as spam. It's very important to know, that a listing here doesn't mean that you are a spammer, but it means that we (or one of our reporting clients) received at least one spam message from the listed IP address.

Current changes made on this project

  • if you are responsible for the mailsystem of a company and if you have a volume of >250 spams per day, you can easily report suspicious IP addresses to us via our new API. Please contact us, if you are interested.
  • we show you here the 750 top-queried IP addresses of each day
  • in our query form you can leave a comment for every IP address
  • the last 100 changes on our databases can you now see here
  • with a new button in our query form you can retrieve the Whois record for an IP address. This is useful, for example, if you want to send an abuse report to a provider.
  • several minor bugs and typos were corrected
The exists since 2007-12-29. It is queryable free of charge via the Domain Name System and can be used in conjunction with other DNSBL's for a better spam filtering, although it was primarily designed to protect our own systems.

Even though we are listing entries for a relatively long time (in comparison to other dnsbl's), false entries are very, very rare and this list is highly reliable.